“The Antioch Biblical Seminary Chapter of GRK Honor Society was launched on September 26, 2014. The Antioch Biblical Seminary & College is situated at Pondicherry (now called “Puducherry”), a city which is about 120 miles south from Chennai along the coast of Bay of Bengal. The Seminary has the Assembly of God background. The first meeting was attended by a Faculty member and 13 Greek class students.

I introduced GRK Honor Society to the members present as an Honor society which seeks to recognize outstanding achievements of students in the study of ancient Greek language, literature and culture. The necessity of studying the New Testament Greek along with the ancient Greek writings and

Greco-Roman culture was underlined. After hearing this, the members unanimously decided to establish a local Chapter of the Greek Society at the Antioch Biblical Seminary & College, Puducherry. The possible two tracks of the Greek Honor Society, Kappa and Gamma, were presented and the participants accepted that the present Greek study in ABS falls on the Gamma track. They decided to work at this stage in close association with the Asbury Theological Seminary chapter. They also decided to admit as members of ABS chapter the students who score at least B grade (55%-65%) in the final examination in Greek grammar course. This means that soon there may be some drop-outs from the students who attended the first meeting.

Two students shared in the meeting some of the techniques which they adopt in learning Greek and other students were motivated to adopt those methods in their Greek studies. The Executive Committee was formed by having me as the Faculty Advisor. The members selected from among the students the President, Vice-President, Secretary and an Editor. The post of

Treasurer is kept vacant at the moment. The roles and responsibilities of each office-bearer were made known to them. The members recommended enthusiastically that medals may be given on the day of Graduation (early April 2015) to the first two students who score the highest marks in Greek language study at the preliminary, intermediate and advanced levels. The admitted members of Greek Society will meet once in a month and the next meeting is scheduled in the second week of November 2014. Possible approaches to learn Greek well will be discussed.”

— Jey J. Kanagaraj

Adjunct Professor, Antioch Biblical Seminary & College